The Beyond the Pier Master Plan has been adopted. Scroll down to see highlights from the plan or download the full pdf in the Documents section of this page. 

The planning process starts with you! 


Beyond the Pier Market Study

A Retail Market Analysis Report - 08.25.2020

Beyond the Pier Engagement Results

A Community Input Report - 10.22.2020 - Revised 03.15.2021

Beyond the Pier Schematic Plan Introduction

A City Council Working Session Presentation - 01.05.2021

Beyond the Pier Draft Plan - Preliminary

A Draft Waterfront Master Plan - 02.08.2021

Beyond the Pier Draft Plan Highlights

A Quick Introduction to the Waterfront Plan - 06.23.21

Beyond the Pier Waterfront Master Plan

Final Waterfront Master Plan - Adopted 07.19.21