Beyond the Pier

It is no secret that Grand Haven is rich in natural beauty and has built a waterfront that attracts visitors from near and far. The City of Grand Haven has invested in the waterfront over may years, whether that be through the construction of popular public amenities, such as the Waterfront Stadium or Splash Pad, or through supporting local business growth downtown or at the Farmers Market. We are fortunate to see the fruits of this investment and are now tasked with continuing these improvements throughout the downtown.

Today we dream Beyond the Pier, looking at the downtown and the waterfront as one place to live, work, and play. Let’s improve equitable waterfront access, invest in the retention and expansion of local businesses, enhance our public spaces, protect our natural features, and support economic development efforts in Downtown and along the Riverfront. Let’s create a community-based vision to guide the right type of growth and continue to support the activity and people who make this community special. Let’s dream together.

Community Events

Check here to see regular updates about the planning process and find ways to participate in the design of your community!

Focus Group Sessions

When: Thursday, July 16, 2020

Where: Digital Meeting

Four focus group sessions will be held that will invite stakeholder groups to engage in a digital meeting, participating in constructive activities and discussion groups to provide a better understanding of the study area use and existing market conditions.

If you would like to participate in one of our Focus Group Sessions, contact us and indicate which of the focus groups from the following list you best fit:

  • Local Business
  • Tri-City Area Community Leader
  • Water Recreation Group
  • Local Development Community
Pop-Up Engagement

• Wednesday, August 5 (8am-12pm) – Farmers Market

• Friday, August 7 (1pm-5pm) – Chinook Pier next to the depot

• Saturday, Date TBD (8am-12pm) –
Farmers Market

• Thursday, August 13 (4pm-8pm) –
Bicentennial Park along the boardwalk

We will come to you for our Pop-Up Engagement! Four of these events have been planned, where project representatives will visit to talk with the public about the Beyond the Pier Plan. Fun and quick activities will be provided to encourage conversation and help document your feedback. Keep an eye out for our booth at the Farmers Market and down on the Boardwalk.

Community Design Workshops & Charette

When: Early September 2020
(Official Date TBD)

Where: TBD

Join the planning process and get creative! A three day-long
open house style event that will include two Community Design Workshops and a
Charrette. All members of the community are encouraged to drop in, talk with
project representatives, and engage in design-based activities.

A charrette is a multi-day problem-solving process that uses cycles of design, discussion, and revision to create a consensus-based plan. Two Community Design Workshops will kick off this process, followed by a final day-long Charrette. Design-oriented activities such as drawing, mapping, and/or 3-D building will be provided during the workshops to inform the Charrette. The Charrette will continue the design process, inviting the public to put their ideas on paper and actively support the project revisions.